The Lexium MAX product family consists of double axes, linear positioners and portal robots for up to three dimensional movements. 
PacDrive Delta 2 and delta 3 robots are designed for fast pick-and-place with payload capacities of up to 60 kg (delta 2) / 15 kg (delta 3).
The Lexium STS robots are industrial manipulative robots for compact pick&place solutions with max payload of 8kg.

 Lexium PAS Lexium CAS Lexium TAS

Lexium PAS

Portal axes with fixed axis body

Lexium CAS

Cantilever and telescope axes with moving axis body

Lexium TAS

Linear tables for high-precision positioning

Lexium MAX PacDrive 3 Robotics Lexium STS

Lexium MAX

Multi-axes systems for 1, 2 or 3 dimensional positioning solutions

PacDrive 3 Robotics

Delta robots for pick & place solutions

Lexium STS

SCARA robots for fast positioning solutions